Using Drafts as a Main Text Editor – Tim Nahumck »

Tim Nahumck skriver om Drafts igen.

The main use of Drafts is writing down ideas, and then sending them to another app. Sometimes, I get an idea for a post (like this one), write down my thoughts, and then send it elsewhere for long-form writing. But is that really necessary? Do I really need to move these items out of Drafts? Why couldn’t I write everything I want within the app from start to finish? The answer is simple: I can do everything here. And maybe what you need to do to use Drafts as a main text editor is set things up for how you need it to work now and in the future.

Jag har använt Draft på ett liknande sätt under lång tid, men inte fått ihop något inlägg än. För mig var detta väldigt inspirerande och ger tips på många bra åtgärder.