The Force Quit Fallacy »

Kyle Richter skriver på sin blogg på Martian Craft varför du inte ska tvångsavsluta appar på iOS. Artikeln förklarar tydligt och djupgående anledningen bakom och vad som gör att du inte behöver det.

If you force-quit an app, it’s removed from memory, its state is instead saved to disk, and the app is closed or quit. This event triggers a multitude of tasks from disk i/o, to memory swaps, and even cpu cycles processing data. If the app is relaunched, additional resources are required to open it from a closed state as opposed to the faster Suspended state. Since the OS manages purging apps when memory is already low there is no benefit to force-quitting suspended apps, unless of course they are misbehaving and need to be relaunched.