Hands on With Apple’s New Music Memos for iOS, GarageBand 2.1 »

Idag släppte Apple Musikmemon till iOS, en vidare utveckling av Röstmemon riktad till alla som gör musik. Jim Dalrymple på The loop har testat appen samt skriver lite om den uppdaterade versionen av GarageBand.

When you first launch Music Memos, you are treated with a record button in the center of the screen—it couldn’t be simpler. Tap the record button and start playing your guitar (piano or other instrument) and it records. The app will show you a waveform at the bottom of the screen and you will also get feedback from the circular record button as well.

The 24-bit 44.1kHz audio file is recorded to your iPhone, but it’s when you stop recording that the magic of this app happens.


Music Memos analyzes the recording for tempo and chord changes for guitar and piano. It places the chords you played right on the waveform so you can see them instantly1.

The brilliance of the app is that Apple built-in a drummer and bass into the app. Simply tap on those instruments and you can hear your song idea with a full band. Like Drummer in GarageBand or Logic, you can choose a different type of drummer, go half time, or any number of other options.


Since Music Memos analyzed the audio track you recorded, it follows along with you, even if you sped up or slowed down during the recording.