Vad Jag Publicerat v.50 och Intressanta Länkar

Denna vecka blev det två recensioner. Länkarna handlar om Dropbox val att lägga ner Mailbox och en värdig ersättare. Den sista länken är om smarta notiser.

Roligare Kalender Med Raft


Raft är en kalender som gör det enkelt att dela med dig av vad du ska göra med dina vänner och din partner. Du kan lägga upp egna händelser, eller importera från Facebook, iCloud, Google eller Outlook.

Snygga Anteckningar Med Whink


Whink är en app som på ett bra sätt kombinerar handskrivna anteckningar med bilder, post-it lappar, skisser, markeringar och maskinskriven text.


Intressanta länkar

Saying goodbye to Carousel and Mailbox | | Dropbox Blog»

We’re committed to making the transitions from these products as painless as possible. We’ve posted more information on the Carousel blog and the Mailbox blog, and we’ll be communicating details directly to users of both apps in the coming days. Mailbox will be shut down on February 26th, 2016, and Carousel will be shut down on March 31st, 2016.

Mailbox, Evolution of Email and Spark — Startup Study Group — Medium»

So if you are Mailbox user, you have just eight weeks to find the replacement for the email app you use and love. But don’t worry too much. There is some great news, because many new things have been invented since the release of Mailbox. I may be biased, but I believe the two best alternatives to Mailbox are Spark by Readdle and Inbox by Gmail.

It’s Time For Notifications To Get Smart – Inside Intercom»

My phone buzzed. I was somewhere in Iceland. More than ten miles from my car and any other human being. Holding a phone with a dying battery. I turned it on to check Google Maps.

”Spotify added 2 tracks to the playlist Afternoon Acoustic”. Perfect timing. A ping from Periscope: ”@kayvon wants you to watch …”, two new emails in Mailbox, a new Twitter follower, a @channel ping on Slack. Nine notifications in total. None vaguely important when I was stuck in the wilderness with 2% battery, a volatile internet connection and a real need to load that freaking map.