Vad Jag Publicerat v.48 och Intressanta Länkar

Denna vecka blev det en kort genomgång om hur använder OneList för min matlista och en lista på utvalda appar som har sänkt pris i samband med Black Friday. Jag kommer att twittra när jag hittar prissänkta appar, så följ @appleyra för ytterligare information. Länkarna handlar Apple Pencil, iPad Pro och en udda upplevelse för en utvecklare.

Snabb åtkomsts till en lista i Påminnelser med OneList »


När jag ska handla mat så använder jag mig av en lista i Påminnelser för att skriva ner allt som ska köpas. Men det fanns inget enkelt sätt att få snabb åtkomst till den lista innan jag hittade OneList.

Black Friday 2015: Utvalda Appar På Rean »


Imorgon är det Black Friday och som sig brukar så väljer många utvecklare att sänka priset på sina appar. Det finns många att välja mellan, men här följer en lista på mina appar jag rekommenderar både till Mac och iOS

Intressanta länkar

Apple Pencil Review — The Pen Addict »

In all of the press shots and in all of the reviews, the focus of the Apple Pencil is on how amazing it is for artists to draw and create beautiful graphics, but this isn’t what I was interested in when Apple announced the Pencil. Sure, I like to doodle and scribble as much as the next person, but all I wanted to know was if the Apple Pencil would give me the digital handwriting experience I had wanted for so long.

The worst app – Allen Pike »

The app’s website link on the App Store went to an unrelated company, and the copyright credit was for another unrelated company. I contacted them, and they were as confused as I was. With no way to contact the actual creator of the app, the only solution was to get Apple to pull it.

The iPad Pro: The Start of Something New | Tech.pinions – Perspective, Insight, Analysis »

When we were checking out this school, we spent time watching kids use their iPads to do a range of things in the classroom. I was stunned by their fluency and efficiency. How fast they type, how quickly they multi-task between taking notes or a picture of the teacher’s notes on the board and then mark up their own notes on top of that. These kids were more literate with the iPad than many people I know who are highly technical, including myself.