Vad jag publicerat v. 35 och intressanta länkar

Denna vecka blev det en uppdatering och en helt ny app med vegetariska recept. Länkarna handlar om att Google ber utvecklare ta bort säkerheten i iOS 9 för att fortsätta kunna visa annonser, planerade uppdateringar av Agile Tortoise och 1password Emegency kit.

Vegourmet för iOS »


Vegourmet är ett samarbete mellan app-utvecklarna Filibaba och tidningen Vegourmet.

Swift Publisher 4 för Mac »


Swift Publisher är en app för att skapa flyers, broschyrer, nyhetsbrev m.m. Idag släpps version 4 med många nyheter.

Intressanta länkar

Google Ads Developer Blog: Handling App Transport Security in iOS 9

To ensure ads continue to serve on iOS9 devices for developers transitioning to HTTPS, the recommended short term fix is to add an exception that allows HTTP requests to succeed and non-secure content to load successfully.

iOS 9 and watchOS 2 Roadmap | Agile Tortoise

With the impending release of iOS 9 and watchOS 2.0 this Fall, I wanted to share plans for Agile Tortoise’s apps in the coming months.

The 1Password Emergency Kit: Version 3.0 – Productivityist

Imagine if something was to happen to you. Something that would keep you from accessing stuff on your computer that has passwords associated with it. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but we’d be foolhardy not to. I mean, we all keep an updated will, and most other pertinent documents are kept in a fire safe or safe deposit box so that your next of kin can move through anything tragic that may befall you with as little resistance as possible. But now that we spend so much time online – whether with online banking, email or earning a living – that having a failsafe in place isn’t just a good idea anymore. It’s mandatory. That’s why I came up with The 1Password Emergency Kit.


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