Vad jag publicerat v.33 och intressanta länkar

Denna vecka handlade det om utvecklares missnöje med Mac App Store och ökad säkerhet i iOS 9. Länkarna bjuder på en uppdatering, mera om Mac App Store och lite Apple Watch.

Ökad säkerhet i iOS 9 kan göra det svårare för URL-schema


Apple lägger stor vikt på ökad säkerhet och integritet i iOS 9. Men det kan också innebära vissa begränsningar för oss som gillar att använda URL-schema

Rea på Drafts inför skolstarten


Inför skolstarten passar Agile Tortoise att sänka priset på sin populära app Drafts.

Utvecklare missnöjda med Mac App Store

Det har under lång tid bubblat bland utvecklare om deras missnöje för Mac App Store. Ofta är det bara korta samtal på Twitter, men ibland skrivs det mer ingående om problemen.

Intressanta länkar

Our shiny new iOS app! – Plex Blog : Plex Blog »

The app is essentially our poster child for new feature support: It’s got Plex Home, premium music (including multi-disc, Plex Mix, music videos, and more), full support for extras, secure connections (remember those top-notch certificates we gave you all?), and so much more.

Reinvented Blog » Blog Archive » Apple’s 30%, Part 2 »

The Mac App Store is a great place to discover apps, I would rather not miss out on that. These price changes may impact sales, but right now it’s a case of damned if I do and damned if I don’t. If Apple’s cut changes, Mac App Store prices will be adjusted accordingly.

How is the Apple Watch doing? — Benedict Evans »

On the other hand, there are some things that really aren't issues at all, and indeed that itself is interesting. It’s the first device I’ve had since 2007 where I never thought about the battery – it always lasts all day. In normal use there’s no battery indicator, sleep/wake button or security code, it's waterproof and there's no charge port. You look at it to wake it up, and swipe on it once or twice, and otherwise you don't have to think about it at all. A lot of the friction and mental load of using a piece of electronics is gone. 


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